Separate structural subdivision

Berdyansk Professional College 

of Dmytro Motornyi Tavria State Agrotechnological University

Basic information about the college

Separate structural subdivision Berdyansk Professional College of Dmytro Motornyi is a state institution that carries out educational activities in the field of professional pre-higher education.

Important assignments:● providing high level educational activity;● training professional pre-higher education personnel for the economy and society needs;● education of patriotism, social activity, civic position, academic integrity, formation of legal and ecological culture, moral values, healthy lifestyle, the ability of critical thinking and self-organisation in modern environments;● remaining and multiplication of moral, cultural, scientific values and society achievements;● interaction with employers and stakeholders, their organizations, professional associations and other social partners;● establishing international relations and implementation activities in education, science, sports, art and culture.

Перше вересня у ВСП Бердянський фаховий коледж ТДАТУ

Educational and professional degree

Professional Junior Bachelor



● State budget● Individuals and legal entities


Access requirements(s)

Basic general secondary education● Complete general secondary education● Qualified Worker`s Diploma


Mode of study

Fulltime● Part-time● Dual

Our specialities

The college trains specialists in the following specialities

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    Industrial machinery engineering

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    Food technology (Fruit and vegetable storage, preservation and processing)

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    Food technology (Fermentation and wine-making production)

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    Finance, Banking and Insurance


During the war, the college was temporarily relocated


66 Zhukovskyi street, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, 69063